Our Team

Meet the counsellors that make up the team at Revelation. They are a diverse set of therapists, each with their own background, specialties, and personalities. One of the most important components of successful therapy is to find a match with your counsellor. Please take a look at each therapist and consider what you are looking for. If you aren’t sure, feel free to contact us and we can help match you up with someone that will be a good fit.

Also keep in mind that each counsellor has a different schedule and there may be differences in terms of direct billing and insurance coverage. Again, if there is uncertainty, let us know. We are counsellors… we are really good at listening….

  • Stony Plain Office: 7 Boulder Blvd is our new location in the Stony Plain industrial area north of Hwy 16a. This office was designed with animal therapy in mind and allows for a more natural setting. We have the flexibility to be able to opened a large door for fresh air and sunshine; do a counselling session on a small patio; or talking during a walk around a field and throw a ball for the dog instead of being constrained to a couch. Of course, we still have a couple of couches too…
  • Remote Video Session: All of our therapists are available for video sessions which can be a convenient option for those that live in remote locations, travel for work, have busy work schedules or simply live outside the greater Edmonton area. You will have to make sure you have privacy and a good internet connection. Clients will also have to be located within the geographic areas listed below.
    • Serving clients located in:
      • Alberta: All Therapists
      • Yukon: – All Therapists
      • North West Territories – Cheryl Waite


Administrative Staff

Penny Snell and Kim Schenk
Penny and Kim manage new intake requests and billing. They may also deal with scheduling and other client requests.

Office Partners

Along with the counsellors and staff within Revelation Counselling, we have partnerships with other counsellors as well that you may see in our offices.  These counsellors also have a variety of skills and we often refer clients to them if they are a better fit.

  • Hollie Trobak – Edmonton/Stony Plain Offices
  • Terilyn Pettefer – Stony Plain
  • Cybil Schafer – Stony Plain
  • Shannon McKay – Stony Plain
  • Jenine Greenwhich – Stony Plain