Love the Broken Parts

Love is found in covering and accepting the weakest parts of your partner.

It is easy to love when things are going well. When He is charming and attentive.  When She is sexy and relaxed. What about finances, family vacations, in-laws, chores, parenting? Even those might be the “easy” parts. because you might have been warned about those.  What happens when you learn about his porn addiction or when you see her ex’s comments on her Facebook?   What about her past hurts? Or his insecurities? Why are they so cranky all the time?

We all have dark hidden sides to ourselves.  Harmful ways of coping, difficulty trusting, negative views of ourselves or the world.  All of these have hidden impacts on a relationship because all of them can lead to hurtful behaviors.  However, in the end, Love is not about feeling good during the good times.  Love is about seeing your partner’s weakest parts, his or her biggest flaws, and not just loving them in spite of those broken parts, but supporting them in those flaws. Loving them and helping them overcome their weaknesses.

Making them feel safe and important in spite of the food addiction, the pornography, the wandering eye, the depression, the…. you get the point.

Relationship counselling can bring these shadows into the light. Either as couples counselling or as an individual healing from past hurts. Once the issues are in the light, they can be replaced with healthier, more genuine… more forgiving ways of viewing yourself and your partner.

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~ David