Rates & Finances

Counselling Rates:

Rates are based on The Psychological Association of Alberta recommended rates.

  • Individual/Couple/Family*:                $220/hr
  • Group Rate*:
    • CBT-M                                       $325/5 sessions
  • Custody/Access or Legal/Forensic: not available
  • Co-parent Mediation                         $250/hr
  • Court appearance (1/2 day):             $1300
  • Court Appearance ( Full day):          $2600

* Pro Bono and reduced rates are available.

* Direct Billing available for a number of insurance companies including: Greenshield, Blue Cross, Canada Life, and First Nations Non-Insured Health Benefits (FNIHB) as well as others.  Please inquire if your company is covered and note that direct billing may not be available for all therapists.

* Counselling fees that not covered by insurance may be tax deductible.

* Payment can be made by Check, Cash, or e-Transfer and is expected at the start of each session.

Corporate Rates

  • Consultation   (1/2 day):                    $900
  • Consultation   (Full day):                   $1800

Other Fees:

  • Report writing telephone consultation, letters & form completion is billed at the rate of the service being provided
  • Billing can also occur in 10 minute increments for services done outside the therapy hour such as phone calls, letters & the like calculated at one-fifth the hourly rate for each 10 minutes. Incremental billings are also appropriate for services provided beyond a 50 minute session
  • Fees for specialized services & treatments not listed on the above schedule may exceed the current recommended guidelines