Welcome to Revelation Counselling

Many people find themselves buried in stress and depression, anger, addictions, and difficult relationships. Support of a licensed counsellor can help you take control over your racing thoughts, overwhelming emotions, and challenging relationships.

Revelation Counselling is the proud home of several therapists with a range of skills and backgrounds.  If you have found your way to this website, then you are looking for support and our therapists come with a range of skills and backgrounds to meet your need. If you are struggling with:

Relationships: we can help you improve communication and understanding; conflict management; and set healthy boundaries.

Conflict Management: Unresolved conflict can carry a huge cost and take a lot of energy. Get to the root of the conflict and find the win-win solution.

Co-parenting: a unique type of relationship and conflict management, but essential to helping children of divorce thrive when their parents separate. We offer strategies to help manage a very difficult time.

Anxiety & Depression: we can help restore a sense of balance with overwhelming sadness or crippling anxiety. Get back to living life!

Addictions & Compulsive Behaviors: Does thinking your addiction leave you feeling powerless, broken, and like a failure? We can help you see the where the compulsion comes from which gets to the root of the struggle and bring a sense of control and healing.

Child Counselling & Parenting: Children struggle with many of the same emotional and relationship issues that adults do, but often lack the coping skills or vocabulary to manage themselves. Attachment and Play therapy is available to build confidence, manage emotions, and deepen your relationship with your child. Counselling can also focus on supporting parents with understanding their child and developing parenting strategies for children and youth of all ages.

Take a look at the therapist profiles for their individual specialties.  If you are looking for anything specific, please contact us and we would be happy to help find a fit.

Often people avoid counselling because they are worried about the cost. We direct bill to many insurance companies, have funding available through First Nations (FNIHB), Veterans Affairs, and many other programs that cover fees. We also have a number of options to reduce costs for those that do not have insurance. Please contact us for more information because finances shouldn’t stop people from getting the help they need.