A New Start…

Life has many challenges…

Counselling is a way of facing and managing those challenges. Whether you are at the end of your rope or just want to tweak a few things in your life or your relationships, counselling can help.

Our hope is that this website can become a starting point for you. Please review the Our Team page for an overview of the therapists we have available to help with a range of issues from relationships to parenting to mental health challenges. We want to ensure that you have a good fit with your therapist around not just your specific needs, but also the overall approach and personality that you can connect with.

We also have a couple of articles that may give a little insight into some of the topics we work with under the “Therapy Topics” page.  Of course, this is not inclusive of all we do but might give some sense of our approach or some new ideas to manage your particular situation.

A New Name Revealed

With the continued growth of the practice, We will be changing its name to reflect the strength of all the therapists.   Revelation Counselling & Psychological Services Inc. encompasses the value of our agency in helping people reach deeper understandings of themselves, their emotions, and their behaviors.  The revelations that come are often inspiring and can set a new path through difficult times. Please have patience as our website, print material, and receipts are transferred over.

A Warm Welcome…

I’m excited to introduce a new therapist to our office.  Joy Medori is a Registered Provisional Psychologist and comes to us with a double Masters (Masters of Counselling Psychology and a Master of Science in Family Ecology.   She has experience working with a variety of cultures and loves doing family work and working with children.  In her counselling, she focuses on the whole person including brain, body, relationships, and emotions.  Read more about her on the “our team” page.

Another Warm Welcome…

We have added another 2 Psychologists to the team.  Jaspreet Deol and Michelle Chia are both Registered Psychologists that are adding to our evening and weekend availability.  They both come with a wealth of experience and a reputation for kind and compassionate support.  Please check out Our Team page for their profiles.

In addition, we are expecting Cheryl Waite MSW, a highly qualified therapist with years of experience working in Mental Health to begin taking clients. Her profile and more details will be coming soon.

New Location!!!!

The search for a new home is over!  Along with two colleagues (Landon Hildebrand and Hollie Trobak) I have found an office in a building known as the “Chocolate Block”.  It is an excellent location just off of the Yellowhead and St. Albert Trail which makes it easy to get to from just about anywhere in North Edmonton and surrounding areas.  It is only 7 minutes from St. Albert and 18 minutes from Spruce Grove.

The biggest upside for the new location is that it has opened up my schedule to take new clients.  There is currently a short waitlist to get into my office in Spruce Grove, but almost immediate availability in the Chocolate Block as I move into a new area.

It features a large waiting room, and a spacious therapy office with plenty of natural light which makes it a comfortable place to discuss some of life’s challenges as you seek change and support.