A New Start…

Corona Virus

In light of the current situation and rapidly changing events, we wanted to take a moment and make people aware of the response from our office.   We want to ensure that people are receiving the support they need as well as keeping everyone safe.   We are following all recommendations from AHS and government officials, as well as the recommendations from the College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP) which is our governing body and the American Psychological Association (APA).

Clinic Remains Open & Distance Counselling Options

While the clinic remains open, Tele-Health via video or telephone is encouraged for any clients that feel comfortable doing so and will be required for any clients that are experiencing symptoms or have travelled in the last 14 days.

If the situation becomes more serious, we will follow the appropriate recommendations and if necessary move entirely to tele-health in the future.   Should this occur, you will be contacted by either your counsellor or another member of the office with instructions on how to set up for distance counselling.

Cancelation due to Illness

Any clients, counsellors, or staff that experience any symptoms or have been out of the province in the last 14 days will be asked to not come to the clinic and move their appointments to available Telehealth options if they are able to do so.  If tele-health is not an option for any reason, then the appointment(s) will be cancelled at no charge

The cancelation policy remains No Charge for a cancelled session with more than 24-hour notice or for illness or an emergency.  This includes a decision to cancel an appointment due to self-isolation or the need to care for someone that has contracted the virus.

If a face to face session is not recommended and a tele-health option is not feasible, then the client, counsellor, and clinic will work together to find the best option to support the client.

Safe Practices

For any individuals that are attending the office, we ask that you take a moment and wash your hands when you arrive and when you leave.  We will also restrict hand shaking and ask that only staff touch doors and door handles.

We are disinfecting all surfaces at least 2 times a day, all magazines and toys will be removed, and the coffee maker and water cooler will not be available.

If you have any questions about these practices or about Tele-health, please contact your therapist.

Life has many challenges…

Counselling is a way of facing and managing those challenges. Whether you are at the end of your rope or just want to tweak a few things in your life or your relationships, counselling can help.

Our hope is that this website can become a starting point for you. Please review the Our Team page for an overview of the therapists we have available to help with a range of issues from relationships to parenting to mental health challenges. We want to ensure that you have a good fit with your therapist around not just your specific needs, but also the overall approach and personality that you can connect with.

We also have a couple of articles that may give a little insight into some of the topics we work with under the “Therapy Topics” page.  Of course, this is not inclusive of all we do but might give some sense of our approach or some new ideas to manage your particular situation.

New Location!!!!

The search for a new home is over!  Along with two colleagues (Landon Hildebrand and Hollie Trobak) I have found an office in a building known as the “Chocolate Block”.  It is an excellent location just off of the Yellowhead and St. Albert Trail which makes it easy to get to from just about anywhere in North Edmonton and surrounding areas.  It is only 7 minutes from St. Albert and 18 minutes from Spruce Grove.

The biggest upside for the new location is that it has opened up my schedule to take new clients.  There is currently a short waitlist to get into my office in Spruce Grove, but almost immediate availability in the Chocolate Block as I move into a new area.

It features a large waiting room, and a spacious therapy office with plenty of natural light which makes it a comfortable place to discuss some of life’s challenges as you seek change and support.